Oh, hey. I’m Cass.

I design and build things so you don’t have to.

Streamline & CONQUER

Whether it’s sound and video, software efficiency and workflows, classroom technology, wireless networks, or just taming unicorns…I have more than a decade of experience in finding solutions to any technological need.

Award-winning sound engineer

Documentaries, feature films, radio, TV, studio albums…sound is at my core.

Web design

From WordPress, to customized apps, to databases and Full/LAMP stack development, I’ve got your web needs covered.


Promotional films, documentaries, music videos, TV spots, and live webcasting. I’ve done it all.

Data Management

Network storage, automatic backups, best practices, data rescue (eek!).

FileMaker Development

I’ve been developing with FileMaker since v4.0. Yea, that’s right. They’re at version 16 now. I’ve got experience. Three major universities are using my FileMaker calendaring, inventory, and event management systems, and researchers use my databases to track and predict social structure of an avian societies in Africa.

Surveys & Assessments

Not sure what your clients or community need? As part of my data management strategies, I can help you all the way from creating and managing surveys, to making the final presentations, charts, and proposals.


Have questions? Need help? Or just want to touch base? Drop me a line, below!

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